Sunday, November 04, 2001

Though I wanted this blog here to be like a bulletin board for teachers to exchange ideas and stuff, I don’t think it’s working that way at all. Maybe people think this is MY page or maybe it’s just the nature of Blogs.
I’ve tried this with all my groups and it’s mostly been a huge flop too, except with A4, where we have written something like 70 posts since Sept 23, and today Barb wrote saying she hopes we keep it going after graduation. What is it about us as a group that makes that Blog different, I wonder.
Maybe it’s not us as a group at all, but simply the fact that most people in A4 (me included) are used to spending hours online anyway, and the blog has become just like any other site to pay a quick visit to among all the other internet things we do.
Capra, the student who made me think of creating a class page in the first place, has his own Blog; Thaiany is thinking about starting one for herself; Fernando writes for a page called Brasil Independente; Marcelo just had Ajato installed. I guess using the internet IS like second nature to this group.
Gaya’s told me his blogs have been a success as well, but he’s using them in a totally different way. To him and his groups, the blog is the place where homework is posted and corrected, which is a very cool idea, I think, but which would never work with my dear A4. It’s funny how those guys are always willing to do a lot of different things AS LONG AS those things don’t look or feel like “schoolwork”. I guess I must have taught them more than English :)))
Having said that, though, I must confess at first the teacher in me wanted to print weekly posts and bring them to class for correction, but after talking to Bebel and some other people, I decided not to do that. Instead, I think I’m gonna save all the posts to see if there is any progress in fluency and vocab and structure along the semester. Maybe I can write a paper or something about that.
One thing I definitely want to find out is if the way I write influences the way my students write in any way and if they influence one another as well. That would be an interesting line of research, I think.