I’m so excited about using stations for review I can hardly wait to teach that class
Hope it goes well or I’ll get REAL pissed
(I know I shouldn’t THINK, let alone SAY a thing like that, but I’m only huiman and I can’t help it)
will let you know as soon as I’m done
even if anninha is the only one listening
yeah buddy, not only will you hear it all in the processing-session-as-we-drive-home, but u’ll also have to see it here
as u seem to be the only one posting/reading stuff on this blog.
maybe we could use this as a dialog journal so we don’t forget these
paranoid cohort days
think about it

Well, I’ve done it!!!!
At two o’clock (A2) it was sooooooooooooo cool tho I only had 3 students (out of 5) in class.
Fe and Bia worked together and spoke English ALL THE TIME and helped each other and generally had a GR8 time. It was very cool to hear Bia say at least a thousand times “I love this review class”
I had 8 stations for A2: Causative, Passive, Metaphors, Vocab, Participials, Listening (with my walkman),Across the Ionosphere, and Feedback. There were 2 activities per station and my idea was for people to either do a bit of each activity and then move on, or do one of them and get a copy of the other and do it at home later. As Murphy would have it, tho, it didn’t turn out that way. The girls wanted to do EVERYTHING, which meant they stayed there for 2 hours rather than 75 minutes. Of course that’s a GOOD thing, but it only worked out well because I have a break after their class and they also have time to stay on.
I don’t think the review worked OK for Bruno tho. He was late for class and had to work on his own, and being the shy and quiet guy that he is, he didn’t ask either me or the girls for help. I might say “That’s his problem – HE was late, HE didn’t want to ask for help” but somehow I don’t feel that comfortable knowing that my weakest student was the one who got the least help and support on the day before the test.
The A4 Stations worked in a totally different way
10 students were present (out of 11) so I had the chance to observe a lot of different strategies at work. Some people worked alone, some worked in pairs all of the time, and some worked either in pairs or alone depending on the activity.
I had 8 stations for A4 as well: Reported speech, Wish, Participials, Vocab, I see you never, The Blog Thing, Listening, and Feedback.
Some people used a lot more Portuguese than they should have, and at times that really pissed me off.
I was happy tho to see that most of them were having fun and working at the same time, and the feedback was GR8, except for one student who said she “would pay more attention to a traditional review than to this kind of class”
I suppose some people NEED a very controlled environment in order to feel comfortable in class and these people must hate being my students. The student who prefers a traditional review is the same one who said I should “force them to be more serious in class” and “bring exercises LIKE IN THE TEST”.
Tho I was not too happy about her fedback, I do feel sorry for her cause I can see how badly she misses Regina Lucia
Maybe I should have asked her to transfer to Pat’s class right at the beginning as I”m sure she would have been much happier there and would have learned a lot more in her final year at IBEU.
So, how do I feel about using stations?
Does it work for everyone?
I don’t think so.
Why not?
I think some students need more guidance than others and traditionally they haven’t been prepared to work independently or to be responsible for their own learning.
Is it their fault that they’re not preapred for that??
Not really. I think that might have a lot to do with their learning styles and with the way our schooling system is structured.
Is it my fault?
Partially. I should know you can’t all of a sudden change things students have been used to since they first BECAME students
What can I do about that?
I think the issue of student and teacher behavior, styles, and responsibilities should be the VERY FIRST topic to be addressed when a new semester starts.
I don’t want to be the one who sets all the rules – USE ENGLISH ALL THE TIME – DO YOUR HOMEWORK – STUDY FOR THE TEST – PAY ATTENTION TO CLASS – WRITE 5 COMPOSITIONS – DON’T BE ABSENT – PARTICIPATE IN CLASS – and reinforces them by giving high or low grades and lecturing students on their poor behavior and/or achievement
Especially when it comes to more advanced levels, I’d like students to know that as far as language goes, WHAT YOU DO IS WHAT YOU GET and most of the time A1 to A4 students are old enough and experienced enough to see what they need help with.
What strategies can I use?
I think I should start by discussing the issue and then I should start delegating responsibilities step by step
Am I sure of success?
No, I’m not, but i believe I am here to learn just as much as my students are

marcinha October 2001